Every workspace deserves good coffee. We know. That’s why we provide a premium, mobile coffee solution for any corporate office, studio or workspace.
Magnificent Barista Boys offers:

• Fully kitted Coffee Cart with a trained barista.

 Complete menu with a variety of speciality products and gourmet roasted coffee.


• Friendly and speedy service.

• Little to no structural work needed to setup, our carts are plug ’n play.

A little about our coffee beans:

• Blend: Burundi, Ethiopian Yirgacheffe, Guatemala
• Roast Profile: Medium / City Roast
• Dry Aroma: Sweet roasted nut, fragrant & floral scent
• Wet Aroma: Subtle citrus & warm honeycomb tones
• Flavour: Lively bright citrus acidity, floral and spicy with roasted cocoa notes. A clean finish that lingers on the palate.

Corporate Coffee Structure Options:

Two models on offer:

Retail model:

– No cost to corporate, staff pays for coffee directly      

Subsidized model:

– Corporate provides infrastructure and pays for coffee fully or partially on behalf of staff 

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