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In 2005 the booming luxury coffee industry of today was hibernating inside weak, burnt, towering dry foam cappuccinos that we all loved, being none the wiser. Having joined TriBeCa Coffee Company and Woolworths, a small group of like-minded gentlemen within TriBeCa were handed a pioneering position that enabled them to focus on developing their regional coffee knowledge, driving quality and consistency, and training baristas. There is always something amazing about taking someone that knows not a thing about coffee, equipping them with the knowledge and technical skill of making high-end speciality coffee, and seeing them fall in love with the trade along their journey. 

You can simply never know it all, and there is always something new to learn in this ever evolving industry. Just like amazing wines, whiskys and brandy’s, when brewed the right way, coffee is an exceptionally complex beverage and Maginificent Barista Boys founder, Stephan Brits, became hooked on the magic and science of brewing and began experimenting with various premium coffees. And so, in 2013 Brits set out to develop a coffee business that was centered on good service from individually trained baristas, and quality product from premium roasts, that are rich in aroma and aesthetically beautiful. 

 Having excelled at SCASA Barista Championships, Brits held valuable insights around artisan coffee, and much time was spent perfecting the company’s first roast, the Original blend. Following a classic 1920’s era feel, the bowler hat was adopted as an emblem of barista pride, along with intricate mobile coffee stations. Antique Italian roasting machines were customized with copper and wood trimmings to produce full-bodied coffees enjoyed in any environment, at any event. Then in 2016, Magnificent Barista Boys launched their Office Coffee Concepts, expanding the delightful pleasure of mobile coffee into office spaces, bringing moments of luxury into businesses, in a simply unmistakable manner.