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The culinary world truly emerged almost two centuries ago. A world of exceptional customer service, attention to every detail, food made with beautiful and carefully hand-selected ingredients, textures, flavors, colors and presentation. As globalisation and trade allowed new flavours, textures and preparation techniques to travel around the world, suddely a handfulof available flavours exploded into the hundreds of food and drink recipe books that crowd every library. From pastries and gourmet icecream, to triple distilled bourbons and champagne the cullinary industry grew, with each geographic region bringing along new aromas for experimentation and unique ingredients for inclusion in exciting delicacies and beverages.

The most recent addition to the great cullinary universe has been that of artisan coffee. Coffee beans were sought out from new origins for their distinct flavours, and roasting techniques were reconsidered and developed alongside the movement to brass machinery. As the new tastes ignited excited chatter around different coffee roasts, baristas took on younger apprentices and shared skills gained from years coaxing the perfect aroma, flavour and texture from each bean roast.

In the same way that the terroir of a grape affects the character of wine, and maturing whisky in a cherry cask yields a uniquely sweeter and deeper color than in oak, Stephan Brits has explored the tantalizing effects of preparing dark, medium and light roasted coffee beans from origins around the world.

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